New 630 Sport Yacht a Top Performer for Marquis Yachts

Marquis Yachts 630 Sport yacht

While inspired by the very successful Marquis Sport Bridge concept, the newly introduced Marquis 630 Sport Yacht was created from a clean sheet of paper. This yacht is new in every sense of the word. In fact it was one of the few, if not the only, all new yachts on display at the recent Miami International Boat Show.

Projects like the 630 take more than a year to complete and there is always a bit of the unknown on how the end product will actually perform when it is launched for the first time. Computer generated predictive modeling and tank tests take a lot, but not all, of the unknowns out of the yacht design process.

The Marquis 630 Sport Yacht’s sea trials were conducted in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Savannah, GA.

“The yacht actually outperformed our pre-launch projections,”  reports Marquis Director of Systems and Propulsion Engineer Randy Peterson.

Randy has been designing and testing yacht propulsion systems for more than 30 years and is among the most experienced and respected yacht propulsion engineers in the industry.

“I am very impressed by the speed and overall handling characteristics of the 630,” he added.

As an all new yacht, the 630 of course utilizes a newly computed hull design that was formulated to take full advantage of twin pod drives. Due to their forward facing dual counter rotating props and unique physical characteristics, pod drives interact with the hull and water in ways that are much different than traditional twin inboard shaft driven propellers.

“We were predicting a top speed for the 630 at about 30 knots,” reports Peterson. “During the sea trials we experienced actual performance 10% better than that. The yacht obtained a 32 knot top end speed and produced a brisk 27 knot cruising speed’

For a 63’ Class “A” built yacht this is very impressive performance. When the helmsman advances the throttles, feels the props get an instant, firm grip on the water and feels the yacht accelerate briskly to their desired speed everyone on board will be thrilled. Performance on the water is one of the things that make yachting so much fun and what makes the new Marquis 630 so special because it delivers on supreme quality, functionality, style and…performance.