Marquis was born from a long history of ship building

The inland seas region of the United States is rich in ship and yacht building history.  For the past two centuries skilled craftsmen have applied their trade in making highly regarded vessels for a wide variety of applications.  The Marquis Yachts pedigree was borne from this area’s ship building tradition.  The ship yard that builds premium quality Marquis Yachts has been located in the heart of America’s finest ship building region since 1953.  The area is favored by craftsmen who possess the skills and work ethic needed to build some of the finest vessels in maritime history.

While the first yacht that carried the Marquis marque was first introduced in January 2000, the development of the Marquis brand began several years prior as a concept initiated by Irwin Jacobs, owner of Marquis Yachts, LLC and Robert VanGrunsven, CEO and President of the Company.  Jacobs and VanGrunsven’s experience in the recreational marine industry fueled their vision to create a yacht that represented the absolute highest form of yacht building art.  After a careful review of the global yacht market the decision was made to fulfill the needs of yachting enthusiasts who desired a ‘superior quality’ vessel made from the finest materials by the most talented boat builders in the world.  Marquis was to become a ‘best quality’ yacht in every sense of the word.

They knew the ship yard they currently owned in the state of Wisconsin in the United States was capable of building premium quality yachts.  But the essence of a ‘best quality’ yacht begins with design and styling.   In the years leading up to launching the first Marquis Yacht these two men searched for an experienced, forward thinking design team to create what would become the cornerstone for the Marquis brand.

Jacobs and VanGrunsven had experience working alongside world renowned designers like Tom Fexas (creator of Midnight Lace yachts) and Fulvio deSimone (designer of the Pershing yacht line).  Irwin Jacobs also had years of experience building large luxury vessels as owner of Hatteras Yachts.

Over the years the Marquis product line has grown to include ten different models ranging in size from 42 feet to 72 feet in length.  There are currently more than 500 Marquis yachts cruising the world’s lakes, oceans, rivers and seas.  Regardless of the age, size or model of Marquis the common treads that run through the brand are superior craftsmanship supported by the latest advancements in yacht building technologies.

A very distinctive characteristic of the Marquis ship yard is that vertical integration is employed throughout the facility.  This is a different approach to building yachts.  While typical ship yards throughout the world sub-contract much of the actual yacht building to outside entities…the Marquis ship yard is unique because it builds the vast majority of each vessel’s components, including the original tooling and molds, themself.  The electrical installation, plumbing, cabinetry, metal fittings, and upholstery inside of a Marquis yacht have been hand crafted by Marquis employees…many of which represent third generation yacht builders.  Through this vertically integrated process, combined with the world’s most talented yacht builders, Marquis is able to establish and maintain the highest standards in construction quality and uncompromised finely finished craftsmanship.  This capability also provides them with the ability to deliver superior service to their customers by making customer directed adjustments and custom appointments to a commissioned yacht.  The ability to build semi-custom yachts is very unique within Marquis’s segment of the yacht building industry.  The people at the Marquis Ship Yard build yachts that their customers have always dreamed about owning.

When you step aboard a Marquis yacht take time to admire the brilliant finish on the woodwork, inspect the joinery…you will not find more precise wood joints on any other brand of yacht.  Look at the seamless and highly polished welding in the yacht’s metal fixtures.  Take a very close look at everything, knowing that you are looking at the results of the finest combination of yacht building skills, materials and technology in the world.