Marquis Yachts, LLC announces Silver Seas Yachts as the authorized Marquis Dealer for California and the Southwest

Pulaski, WI, April 18, 2012: Ross Tefft of Silver Seas Yachts and Erik Nelson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Marquis Yachts, LLC announced a new long-term partnership agreement for California and the Southwest market of the United States as the authorized Marquis Yachts representative servicing the premium yacht market. Silver Seas Yachts, a west coast affiliate of SkipperBud’s, will represent the line of Marquis Yachts as the new flagship for the brand in this important region of the United States in the states of California, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.

“We are proud to begin this journey with Silver Seas Yachts in this important market for the Marquis brand,” commented Nelson. “This is an extremely dedicated organization committed to providing extraordinary service to all their customers. Furthermore, their affiliation with SkipperBud’s, a well respected family owned and operated business for more than 46 years in the Midwest, and a strong and proven Marquis Yachts dealer, only adds to the level of support that Silver Seas Yachts will be able to provide our deserving Marquis owners. SkipperBud’s reputation speaks for itself with their dedicated team of sales professionals, marinas and service facilities. Silver Seas Yachts, together with SkipperBud’s, will provide an unmatched network of support and information for all
Marquis Customers. Silver Seas Yachts, with locations in Phoenix, San Diego, Newport Beach and the San Francisco Bay area of California, and their turn key approach to serving customers, will no doubt set new standards in this very important market.”

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to partner with Marquis and to represent this premium brand in our new Silver Seas Yachts division in the Southwest and California. The luxury product line that Marquis offers provides the perfect fit for our stores and the markets that we serve” stated Tefft. “The Marquis brand has emerged as an
industry leader in luxury yachts and we are pleased to have an association with such a partner.”

Silver Seas Yachts will debut the Marquis products at their San Diego Yacht Center in Southern California. To contact Silver Seas Yachts, e-mail or dial 877-349-6582. To contact SkipperBud’s, email or dial 888.334.0292.

Marquis Yachts, LLC is an independent and privately owned company. Premium quality Marquis Brand yachts are engineered and built at the company’s American yacht yard and represented throughout the world by a network of independent dealers. For more information call Scott Grall, Marketing Manager or visit

Marquis Yachts – Vertically Integrated

Marquis Yachts 720 Tri

The Marquis Yachts American ship yard is a unique, fully integrated facility that hand crafts the majority of the components used to build Marquis Premium quality yachts. This is one of the main ingredients in our ability to create ultra-premium quality yachts because our vertically integrated yard allows us to control all aspects of quality. It also enables us to make significant changes and alterations to the styling and interior layout of an individual yacht. The reality is that every Marquis Yacht we build is a unique combination of superior yacht building skills and materials.

People who commission a Marquis can specify the colors, design and materials used in the styling of the interior and exterior of their yacht. Exterior hull paint, accent striping, canvas color and design, and deck finish materials can all be customer specified. Interior living spaces can also be custom designed to meet the personal style of the owners. Our experienced yacht builders can even custom craft the interior floor plan to meet the unique needs of each customer. Yachts have been built with fully equipped executive style offices, custom galleys and dining areas, a nursery for the children, expanded master staterooms and walk-in storage closets with custom built wardrobes and lockers.

The degree of customization that we are capable of building is expansive and makes us very unique among other yacht builders. Contact your Marquis representative and share your ideas on what you envision as your perfect yacht.

Marquis Yachts, LLC Announces Marine Sales of Pickwick as the Authorized Marquis Dealer for Tennessee and Mississippi

Pulaski, WI, April 10, 2012 – Ron Martin, General Manager of Marine Sales of Pickwick, and Erik Nelson, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Marquis Yachts, LLC announced a new long-term partnership agreement for Tennessee and Mississippi as the authorized Marquis Yachts representative servicing the premium yacht market. Marine Sales of Pickwick will represent the full line of Marquis Yachts and act as the new flagship for the brand in this important region of the United States.

“We are pleased to have Marine Sales of Pickwick as a dealer for the Marquis brand,” Nelson said. “This is an extremely dedicated organization committed to providing extraordinary service to all their customers. Their reputation speaks for itself with their dedicated team of sales professionals, marinas and service facilities.”

“We are committed to selling the absolute highest quality of yachts and are excited about the opportunity to represent Marquis Yachts throughout our entire organization,” Martin said. “There is no doubt that the Marquis brand has emerged as industry leader in quality and craftsmanship. Their new aggressive product and market development strategies will position our company for continued advancement and success. As a company we are dedicated to premium products and exemplary after market support for our clients from our dedicated customer service staff.  We couldn’t be more pleased to be associated with such a partner as Marquis.”

Marine Sales of Pickwick was founded in 1974 as a full service, turn key Dealership.  In this time they have established themselves as one of the most successful dealerships in the region. Their customer satisfaction rating has made them the most recognized premium, full service boat dealership at Pickwick Lake. Their customer base has extended throughout the Mississippi River basin region to include all of North Mississippi, North Alabama, and West Tennessee.

Marine Sales of Pickwick will soon debut Marquis products with a new 500 Sport Bridge. To contact Marine Sales of Pickwick, dial 731-689-3700.

Marquis Yachts, LLC is an independent and privately owned company. Premium quality Marquis Brand yachts are engineered and built at the company’s American yacht yard and represented throughout the world by a network of independent dealers. For more information call Scott Grall, Marketing Manager at 920.822.3214 or visit

New 630 Sport Yacht a Top Performer for Marquis Yachts

Marquis Yachts 630 Sport yacht

While inspired by the very successful Marquis Sport Bridge concept, the newly introduced Marquis 630 Sport Yacht was created from a clean sheet of paper. This yacht is new in every sense of the word. In fact it was one of the few, if not the only, all new yachts on display at the recent Miami International Boat Show.

Projects like the 630 take more than a year to complete and there is always a bit of the unknown on how the end product will actually perform when it is launched for the first time. Computer generated predictive modeling and tank tests take a lot, but not all, of the unknowns out of the yacht design process.

The Marquis 630 Sport Yacht’s sea trials were conducted in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Savannah, GA.

“The yacht actually outperformed our pre-launch projections,”  reports Marquis Director of Systems and Propulsion Engineer Randy Peterson.

Randy has been designing and testing yacht propulsion systems for more than 30 years and is among the most experienced and respected yacht propulsion engineers in the industry.

“I am very impressed by the speed and overall handling characteristics of the 630,” he added.

As an all new yacht, the 630 of course utilizes a newly computed hull design that was formulated to take full advantage of twin pod drives. Due to their forward facing dual counter rotating props and unique physical characteristics, pod drives interact with the hull and water in ways that are much different than traditional twin inboard shaft driven propellers.

“We were predicting a top speed for the 630 at about 30 knots,” reports Peterson. “During the sea trials we experienced actual performance 10% better than that. The yacht obtained a 32 knot top end speed and produced a brisk 27 knot cruising speed’

For a 63’ Class “A” built yacht this is very impressive performance. When the helmsman advances the throttles, feels the props get an instant, firm grip on the water and feels the yacht accelerate briskly to their desired speed everyone on board will be thrilled. Performance on the water is one of the things that make yachting so much fun and what makes the new Marquis 630 so special because it delivers on supreme quality, functionality, style and…performance.

Marquis 630 Sport Yacht an Attention Grabber

The all new Marquis 630 Sport yachtMarquis Yacht, the global leader in the design and construction of premium quality yachts, dominated the attention of all who attended this year’s Miami International Boat Show. The center of focus was the launch of the highly anticipated Marquis 630 Sport Yacht. This newly unveiled Marquis Yacht was one of the few completely new designs on display throughout this year’s international event.
What created all this attention?  One, the new 630 Sport Yacht has an impeccable pedigree. It was designed and styled by the world renown firm of Nuvolari-Lenard Naval Architects and constructed by the highly respected Marquis Yacht American ship yard, combining the exceptional skills possessed by these two established leaders of yacht design and construction. Materials to construct and outfit the 630, which was described as a ’best quality’ vessel during the show, were sourced from all areas of the world and constructed by the most experienced yacht builders in the business.
In addition, Marquis Yacht held an exceptional press conference at the Miami show, announcing the powerful Joint Venture partnership. To see and hear the highlights of this press conference, please click here.


Hopkins, Minnesota – Jan. 24, 2012 – It was announced today that Marquis Yachts, LLC (Marquis Yachts) with manufacturing and offices located in Wisconsin (wholly-owned subsidiary of J&D Acquisitions, LLC) has formed an exclusive partnership in China with one of China’s largest and most important state-owned companies, the Poly Technologies Inc. (Poly) for the sales and distribution rights for Marquis Yachts throughout China. The new JV will be called the Poly Marquis Yacht Co. Ltd. (Poly Marquis Company).

Irwin L. Jacobs, Chairman of J&D Acquisitions, LLC (J&D) stated, “This is one of the most important and exciting days I’ve ever experienced throughout my 35 years in the recreational boating industry. Our new partnership with Poly is clearly the most significant business event throughout our yachting company’s history. It is anticipated that over the next few years, China’s recreational yachting and boating market is emerging to become one of the largest recreational yachting markets in the world, and with our new Poly Marquis JV partnership, we’re very confident that the Poly Marquis Company will become one of China’s largest and most important sellers of Marquis Yachts in the world. Over the next 30 to 45 days, the Poly Marquis Company is opening a new fully-staffed distribution sales and full service center at the beautiful new Serenity Marina and Yacht Club in Sanya, China. The new Poly Marquis Yachting Center will maintain a completely stocked inventory of all new Marquis Yachts ranging in size from 42’ to 72’ that will supply the Marquis dealers throughout China. The new Sanya Marquis Yacht Center will have China’s most completely staffed service department with qualified in-house technicians to professionally service, manage and maintain Marquis customers’ needs throughout all of China.”

Poly Chairman Jiang stated, “We believe that the recreational boating and yachting industry market in China will become one of the world’s largest and most important retail markets in a relatively short period of time. Poly has spent a great deal of time and effort in researching the world for a potential yacht manufacturing company to partner with Poly who we believe builds the highest quality yachts along with the most modern styling and forward-looking designs to meet the tastes and needs of the discerning Chinese consumers of today and in the future. After studying the yachting industry for over one year, Poly concluded that Marquis Yachts clearly excelled beyond all other yacht manufacturers on which we have done research in building the finest and most beautiful yachts in world.”

Poly is one of China’s largest and most important state-owned companies that manufactures and distributes throughout China and other parts of the world several of China’s finest, most well-recognized products, i.e. exclusive distributor and retailer through China for Ferrari, Maserati, and Mercedes Benz automobiles as well as several other high-quality products and cultural & art businesses such as artwork auction. Chairman Jiang further stated, “Poly Company has a very large, loyal and unique customer base that numbers in the tens of thousands of individuals who have purchased many of our high-end automobiles, jewelry, real-estate, and auction items that Poly sells and distributes throughout China, many of whom we believe will become customers of Marquis Yachts. Poly is committed to doing everything possible in supporting our newly-formed JV partnership with Marquis into becoming China’s largest and most successful yachting company.”

Marquis is having its annual customer cocktail party at the Miami Boat Show on February 17, 2012 where Mr. Jacobs will introduce Chairman Jiang of the Poly Company to the global boating media. Marquis will also be unveiling its all new 63’ Marquis Sport Bridge at the Miami Boat Show. On April 6, 2012 in China, the Poly Marquis Company will be hosting a reception for dignitaries, invited guests and Chinese customers at the Visun Royal Yacht Club in Sanya, China, where it will have a major presence of its Marquis Yachts on display.

Mr. Michael Marcotte will become the new General Manager of the Poly Marquis JV and will work out of the new Poly Marquis JV office at the Sanya Serenity Marina and Yacht Club.

About J&D – J&D Acquisitions, LLC is the parent company for Larson, Striper, Triumph, Marquis and Carver boat companies and is a 50/50 partnership owned by John Paul DeJoria and ILJ Enterprises. See websites (,,,,,

About Poly – Poly Group is a multinational corporation mainly engaged in defense-related equipment, R&D and trade, real estate development, culture and arts business, as well mineral resources investment and development whose businesses concern national security and national economic lifeline. Poly Technologies Inc. with its subsidiaries owns the exclusive distributor throughout China for Ferrari, Maserati automobiles and retains one of Mercedes Benz’ largest dealerships in China located in Beijing. See website (

630 Sport Yacht – a Must See at Miami!

The all new Marquis 630 Sport Yacht will capture the attention of the worldwide yachting community during its first unveiling at the upcoming Miami International Boat Show February 15th – 20th. The newly launched Marquis 630, constructed at the Marquis Yacht American ship yard, was borne from a clean sheet of paper. Rich in exquisite detail, the three stateroom Sport Yacht style yacht represents the future state of premium quality yacht design, engineering, construction and outfitting. This is a ‘must see’ and could likely be the only all new yacht of this size at this year’s show. This all new yacht is certain to impress you and your entourage. The Marquis Yacht display is located on the Intracoastal Waterway, across from the Fountainbleau Resort, 4441 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL.