Marquis Yachts Receives Prestigious “Best of the Best” Award

March 29, 2013 – Marquis Yachts, LLC, builders of Marquis brand ultra-premium quality yachts has been distinguished by receiving the highly coveted Asian Yachting Best of the Best yacht award. The award is sponsored by BMW and Asia Boating magazine and recognizes a single company for designing and building the ultimate best quality yacht.

Marquis executives accepted this award during a black tie event staged at the InterContinental Sanya Resort in Sanya, China.  Attending the event was Irwin L. Jacobs, co-owner of Marquis Yachts, LLC, Robert VanGrunsven, President of Marquis Yachts and Michael Marcotte, General Manager of Poly Marquis, the company’s affiliate in Asia. More than 350 invited guests representing the world’s most respected marine, aviation and automotive brands attended this highly prestigious red carpet event.

The Asian Yachting’s Best of the Best award is a pinnacle achievement within the global yacht building industry. The company receiving this distinction reflects the consensus of 20 highly regarded industry experts who select a single company to represent the world’s best.

“The panel of experts chose Marquis because the yachts we build represent superior design, world class engineering, ultra-premium quality materials and expert craftsmanship” stated Robert VanGrunsven, President of Marquis Yachts and a 37 year veteran of the yacht building industry.  “It’s an honor to be recognized as having accomplished our goal of designing and building the undisputed best yachts in the world. I’m thrilled to bring this award back to America and share it with my fellow Marquis employees who have all contributed to this achievement.  This recognizes our combined passion, experience and skill and once again validates that Marquis is designing and building the best.”

‘Being selected as Best of the Best among this select group of nominees puts us at the very top of an impressive line-up of yacht builders from Europe, Asia, South Africa and America.’ commented co-owner of Marquis Yachts, LLC, Irwin L. Jacobs.  ‘This is the second time in the past six months that Marquis has been recognized and awarded for building best quality yachts (Marquis Yachts received a Best of the Best award at the recent Fort Lauderdale Boat Show). It proves once again that the American based Marquis yacht yard is setting the bar very high for yacht builders throughout the world”.

Marquis Yachts, LLC is an independent and privately held American yacht builder owned by business partners Irwin L. Jacobs and John Paul DeJoria.  The brand is represented throughout the world by a network of independent businesses.  For additional information about the company and the yachts it builds visit or .

Marquis Yacht Unveils New 720 Portofino Edition at 2013 Miami International Boat Show

February 14, 2013 – Marquis Yacht, a global leader in ultra-premium quality yacht design and construction, will unveil a newly designed 72’ Motor Yacht at this year’s Miami International Boat Show.  This new yacht, christened the 720 Portofino-Edition, utilized our proven and very popular 720 Fly Bridge Motor Yacht as the starting point for this new vessel.

The saloon, galley, dining area and pilot house of the 720 Portofino-Edition reflect a new approach to allocating the interior space of a premium quality yacht destined to be used for relaxation and entertainment.  The single level floor plan is a highly functional feature that will be appreciated by all who come aboard.  People can walk from the swim platform to the cockpit through the saloon into the yacht’s galley and dining area and to the pilot house without navigating a single step. The 720 Portofino-Edition is the only yacht in its class with a single level floor plan.  This is a very unique attribute of the Portofino-Edition and reflects Marquis’ close attention to details often ignored by other yacht builders.

One of the many great features of the Portofino-Edition is the exquisite seating and dining area located on the yacht’s foredeck.  This area is designed to perform a variety of duties.  The seating is comfortable for lounging at dockside, at anchor or while underway and the handcrafted teak table makes this an enjoyable environment in which to have cocktails or share a meal with onboard guests.  The extra-wide side-deck, bulwark and rails on the Marquis 720 facilitate easy and safe access from the yacht’s cockpit to the new foredeck settee. This area is further enhanced with an LED lighting array that adds to the environment’s ambience.

The captain’s quarters on this new Marquis have also benefited from our design team’s creative thinking.  The Portofino-Edition’s Crew’s quarters is very unique and includes a very comfortable berth, private stall shower and an office work area.  This is a highly functional quarters for the captain, steward or ship’s mate.

The newly designed Marquis 720 Portofino-Edition will be on display and available for personal tours throughout the Miami International Boat Show.  The Marquis Yacht exhibit contains five new yachts and is located in the 4400 block of Collins Avenue, on the Intracoastal Waterway, Miami Beach, FL.

Marquis Yachts, LLC is an independent and privately owned company.  Premium quality Marquis brand yachts are designed, styled and constructed at the company’s American yacht yard.

Marquis was born from a long history of ship building

The inland seas region of the United States is rich in ship and yacht building history.  For the past two centuries skilled craftsmen have applied their trade in making highly regarded vessels for a wide variety of applications.  The Marquis Yachts pedigree was borne from this area’s ship building tradition.  The ship yard that builds premium quality Marquis Yachts has been located in the heart of America’s finest ship building region since 1953.  The area is favored by craftsmen who possess the skills and work ethic needed to build some of the finest vessels in maritime history.

While the first yacht that carried the Marquis marque was first introduced in January 2000, the development of the Marquis brand began several years prior as a concept initiated by Irwin Jacobs, owner of Marquis Yachts, LLC and Robert VanGrunsven, CEO and President of the Company.  Jacobs and VanGrunsven’s experience in the recreational marine industry fueled their vision to create a yacht that represented the absolute highest form of yacht building art.  After a careful review of the global yacht market the decision was made to fulfill the needs of yachting enthusiasts who desired a ‘superior quality’ vessel made from the finest materials by the most talented boat builders in the world.  Marquis was to become a ‘best quality’ yacht in every sense of the word.

They knew the ship yard they currently owned in the state of Wisconsin in the United States was capable of building premium quality yachts.  But the essence of a ‘best quality’ yacht begins with design and styling.   In the years leading up to launching the first Marquis Yacht these two men searched for an experienced, forward thinking design team to create what would become the cornerstone for the Marquis brand.

Jacobs and VanGrunsven had experience working alongside world renowned designers like Tom Fexas (creator of Midnight Lace yachts) and Fulvio deSimone (designer of the Pershing yacht line).  Irwin Jacobs also had years of experience building large luxury vessels as owner of Hatteras Yachts.

Over the years the Marquis product line has grown to include ten different models ranging in size from 42 feet to 72 feet in length.  There are currently more than 500 Marquis yachts cruising the world’s lakes, oceans, rivers and seas.  Regardless of the age, size or model of Marquis the common treads that run through the brand are superior craftsmanship supported by the latest advancements in yacht building technologies.

A very distinctive characteristic of the Marquis ship yard is that vertical integration is employed throughout the facility.  This is a different approach to building yachts.  While typical ship yards throughout the world sub-contract much of the actual yacht building to outside entities…the Marquis ship yard is unique because it builds the vast majority of each vessel’s components, including the original tooling and molds, themself.  The electrical installation, plumbing, cabinetry, metal fittings, and upholstery inside of a Marquis yacht have been hand crafted by Marquis employees…many of which represent third generation yacht builders.  Through this vertically integrated process, combined with the world’s most talented yacht builders, Marquis is able to establish and maintain the highest standards in construction quality and uncompromised finely finished craftsmanship.  This capability also provides them with the ability to deliver superior service to their customers by making customer directed adjustments and custom appointments to a commissioned yacht.  The ability to build semi-custom yachts is very unique within Marquis’s segment of the yacht building industry.  The people at the Marquis Ship Yard build yachts that their customers have always dreamed about owning.

When you step aboard a Marquis yacht take time to admire the brilliant finish on the woodwork, inspect the joinery…you will not find more precise wood joints on any other brand of yacht.  Look at the seamless and highly polished welding in the yacht’s metal fixtures.  Take a very close look at everything, knowing that you are looking at the results of the finest combination of yacht building skills, materials and technology in the world.

Marquis 630 Sport Yacht receives Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show’s ‘Best of the Best’ Award

Marquis Yachts and the new Marquis 630 Sport Yacht was presented with the ‘Best of the Best’ Award during the recent Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. The Marquis 630 Sport Yacht was pronounced the ‘Best of the Best’ during a gala ceremony sponsored by AIM (Active Interest Media).  “The Editor’s Choice Award was developed to recognize the best production and semicustom yachts in the world,” AIM Executive Gary DeSanctis said. “It (the Best of the Best Award) is the only one of its kind that honors builders on a global perspective.” A select team of noted boating experts was given the task to choose the outstanding boat. George Sass Jr., the selection team’s director and editor-in-chief of Power & Motoryacht magazine says ‘the award reflects renewed vigor, confidence, and innovation among builders.’

The new, award winning, Marquis 630 Sport Yacht, which was introduced in February 2012, was recognized for its superior craftsmanship and flawless interior joinery.  The iconic, sleek lines of this new yacht deliver a striking visual impression that distinguishes a Marquis from other brands.  Also recognized was the dramatic functionality of the single level saloon floor plan which integrates the cockpit, saloon, galley and lower helm station into a single level environment.  Twin Volvo engines coupled with IPS pod drives deliver a thrilling 31 knot top end speed.

‘Receiving the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show’s ‘Best of the Best’ award from this prestigious group of marine experts is an honor that clearly classifies the Marquis 630 as a profoundly innovative and extraordinarily impressive World Class yacht’ stated Robert VanGrunsven, President of Marquis Yachts, LLC.  ‘Being recognized by your peers for designing the best yacht in its class brings a great sense of pride to our entire organization including our clients throughout the world who currently own yachts built by Marquis.’

Marquis Yachts, LLC is an independent and privately owned company. Premium quality Marquis brand yachts are engineered and built at the company’s American ship yard and represented throughout the world by a network of independent dealers.

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Quality Craftsmanship Makes Marquis Ultra Premium

One of the distinctive marks of a premium quality yacht can be seen in the character of its interior wood and the level of craftsmanship employed in installation and finish.  Fine quality woodworking and best quality yachts have had an indelible relationship since people first took to the sea.  Wood gives a yacht much of its character.  The quality and finish of a yacht’s woodwork is likely the first thing a person notices when first stepping aboard.

You will not find finer woodworking than on a yacht built by Marquis.  And, Marquis is unique because we accept commissions for custom built yachts with interiors designed and finished to the owners specifications.

All of the cabinetry, doors and bulkheads on a Marquis yacht are crafted by highly skilled Marquis Yacht woodworkers.  Marquis does not subcontract or outsource this work.  Because we are an integrated ship yard, every yacht can be constructed using wood species the owners personally select.

We start with highest quality milled lumber so EVERY wooden component is custom made specifically for that particular yacht. Our craftsmen carefully inspect each board for color, grain pattern and best use within the vessel.  A Marquis can be constructed using virtually any species of wood. People who have commissioned a custom crafted Marquis have utilized traditional hardwoods like walnut, cherry and oak and more exotic wood like African Zebrano.  We have also built very unique interiors using a combination of different woods in various areas of the yacht.  Owners may also choose from a variety of hand rubbed, satin or high gloss finishes. Floor plans and space allocation can also be modified to suit an owner’s preference and need.

With Marquis the owner has input into creating the perfect yacht that truly represents their personal sense of style. It is a unique attribute of Marquis’ integrated ship yard and has high value when commissioning that yacht you always dreamed of.

Marquis Yachts Celebrates Strong Response at Legendary Marine’s VIP “Marquis are Forever” Sales Event

July 26, 2012 – Marquis Yachts, builders of ultra premium luxury yachts, and their local dealer, Legendary Marine, announced an outstanding retail sales response from customers at the recent Marquis are Forever customer appreciation night and sales event recently held in Destin, Florida.

The renowned Legendary Yacht Club was the backdrop for this exclusive event which was hosted by Legendary Marine and Marquis Yachts.  Additional ultra-premium brands including Patron Spirits Company and Porsche Motorcars of Destin supported this evening of luxury.  The market debut of the new Marquis 630 Sport Yacht was the center of attention, with additional excitement provided by the festive James Bond theme and theatrical show that surrounded the collection of new Marquis Yachts and Porsche Motorcars on display.

“We are extremely pleased with the outstanding response from Legendary Marine’s event,” said Erik Nelson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We are encouraged with the immediate sales success directly attributed to this event as well as the quality and volume of strong pending business that remains in negotiation. The level of enthusiasm we experienced for our displayed new designs clearly captured the attention of clientele that were in attendance and it was an honor to be a part of such a unique and upscale event.”

More than 300 members of Destin’s select society enjoyed an evening of outstanding food and highest quality spirits while surrounded by the latest examples of the world’s finest ultra premium motorcars and yachts. The evening concluded with a tremendous fireworks display that lit up the Destin skyline for in excess of 30 minutes.

“The event was spectacular,” said Shawn Talpey, Legendary Marine General Manager. “We are very pleased with the response from our event and are thrilled that all of our clients in attendance had a truly enjoyable evening of celebration. Marquis has been a tremendous addition to the Legendary product offering and the sales and growth of the brand for us on the Gulf coast has far exceeded our expectations.  I am very glad that we were able to impress all in attendance.”

Marquis Yachts, LLC is an independent and privately owned company. Premium quality Marquis Brand yachts are engineered and built at the company’s American yacht yard and represented throughout the world by a network of independent dealers. For more information call Scott Grall, Marketing Manager  or visit

Paint – A Blank Canvas with Marquis Yachts

One of the most appreciated benefits of moving up to a premium quality yacht constructed by Marquis Yachts is the ability to have the Marquis American ship yard build the yacht with appointments to suit the new owner’s personal style. When building a custom Marquis, most people start with the yacht’s exterior surfaces. Because the Marquis ship yard is a fully integrated yard, complete with its own ‘yacht sized’ high-tech paint application center, a customer can select from a wide array of patterns and colors in which to finish the hull and superstructure.

Only the finest brands and formulas of finish are offered and they are applied by the most skilled yacht finish craftsmen in the industry. Applying the high- tech coating on a Marquis Yacht is an art onto itself. The striking metal flake paint requires experience, patience and a very skilled hand during formulation and application. The result is a custom yacht with deep, durable, luxurious finish in a pattern and color that sets it apart from all others.

Click below to view a few recently completed yachts that portray the variety of exterior finishes available to a person commissioning a new yacht from the Marquis ship yard in America. Exterior finishes are only the start of the many custom appointments the Marquis ship yard can offer.

Marquis Yachts-Color

Travel Channel Visits Marquis Yachts

Travel Channel at Marquis YachtsMarquis Yachts continues to attract the attention of forward thinking individuals and companies.  Recently, the Travel Channel spent two days  at the American Marquis ship yard taping content for an upcoming show about the ultra-premium quality yachts built by Marquis and the designers and craftsmen that make Marquis a leading brand of yachts known throughout the world.
Travel Channel, with more than 95 million subscribers, is a leading producer of television programming featuring stories about amazing ways people can experience fascinating cities, cultures, beaches, cuisine and best quality transportation – such as a yacht designed and constructed by Marquis.
Continue to visit the Marquis web site where we’ll post the airing date for this program.