Whether you’re entertaining at dockside or making an offshore passage in a Force 7 gale – a Marquis will never fail to impress all onboard.

Marquis is a substantial yacht. Substance not built from flamboyant promotions or superficial rhetoric. Marquis substance is tangible, built into our yachts by experienced craftsmen who only do things the right way – the Marquis way.

Marquis quality goes much deeper than the obvious. While all yachts are luxurious on the surface, all brands are not constructed to the same quality standards. Because Marquis is a substantial yacht, we have chosen to build all sport yachts and motor yachts to meet or exceed CE Class ‘A’ – Ocean standards – the most rigid and highly scrutinized CE category. We are not required to do this and you will be surprised how many of the other well known brands are not built to this high standard.

But the Marquis brand represents premium quality in every aspect of every yacht, even those areas deep within the bilge that you may never see.

The feeling you get while onboard a Marquis is like the feeling you have while driving your premium quality motor car.

Superior engineering and workmanship surrounds you and envelopes your senses. Seemingly small details combine to create an environment of supreme quality. This is an environment you are accustomed to. With Marquis you will never have to compromise your personal standards.